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February- Valentine's Day will be a big month for the Bakery. Special gift boxes will be available for sale. Buy your Bo a Bouquet! We will have sugar cookies or cupcakes decorated for Valentine's Day.  We will offer a special Valentine's Menu for couples who wish to come to the café.


March - We will offer sugar cookies in green! Shamrocks galore!


April - Spring is here! Our cafe will unveil our Spring Menu focusing on local farmer's produce. We will actually run a social media campaign around the Farmers themselves. We will introduce our guests to the farmers that grow their food. (All farmers that contribute to the restaurant will have an opaque sticker near the front door that let's our guests know where their food comes from). We will continue this in the fall when crops rotate.


May - Mother's Day Brunch and Dinner! Our marketing and Social Media will focus on the most important person in our lives - MOM! We will offer an exceptionally decadent brunch and a full course dinner (reservations will be necessary). By creating a buzz with our marketing, we will also offer cake or pie from the bakery for anyone who is planning on supper at home. Let Mary Lucille’s do the dessert!


June - Father's Day Brunch and dinner - much like Mothers Day. Our Brunch and Dinner menu will focus on our Father's preference on foods, high on protein. We will focus on social media and marketing on the Father's in our life and the difference they make! 


July 4th - With the approval of management, we would like to have a cook-out with all the trimmings! BBQ, ribs, Brisket, baked beans, coleslaw, and all American Apple Pie for dessert. And our social media and marketing will focus on the holiday and having the Mary Lucille’s "Family" BBQ event. We could have a large grill and smoker in the parking lot or on our patio, and invite folks to stay to watch the fireworks!


September - Back to School Month! Come to Mary Lucille’s and with each meal purchased, we will make a donation of school supplies for students who need assistance. Our social media will focus on donating to charities who assist the less fortunate in our community during the holidays and with school supplies.


October - Focus on farmers with our fall meal layout.


November - Thanksgiving   Mary Lucille's is known for our pies!  Make sure to order early! Mary Lucille’s will have a traditional Thanksgiving meal available by reservation only. Our social media and marketing will focus on how grateful we are for Mary Lucille’s family. Our bakery will be very busy filling pie orders and baking yeast rolls for those who wish to stay at home and cook. A food donation center will be offered for our guests who wish to donate to those less fortunate during the holidays.


December - This month will be huge! We will offer seasonal foods and baked goods. Our location will be transformed for Christmas. It will be an old fashioned Christmas at Mary Lucille’s with garlands and Christmas trees! Our retail section will offer crafts, our custom organic teas, our bone china, and other unique kitchen items and don't forget our baked goods to give as gifts. Our famous cinnamon rolls will be offered frozen for those who wish to fill there home with the smells of Christmas on Christmas morning. We will have a weekend of "Brunch with Santa" - reservations necessary! Mary Lucille’s will close on Christmas Day, so our social media will focus on the holiday and the special events we are doing. Our bakery will be handing out cakes and pies on Christmas Eve for our guests. We will have an event inviting the little ones to come decorate sugar cookies and take them home. Our bakery will offer royal icing Christmas cookies to purchase and a take home kit for families to decorate with the family. We will have a gift donation center set up to collect toys for local families in need.

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