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While growing up in Kansas (yes, the land of ruby red slippers, the Wicked Witch, and Toto!), Jill’s Grandma Mary was a huge part of her childhood. As far back as she can remember, her grandmother made special time for her, and Jill's fondest memories are those of learning to bake and cook with Grandma Mary.

Mary Lucille was a very special person and much beloved by her friends and family.  She was married for 62 years before passing and attended the same church her entire life.  Aside from her children and grandchildren, Grandma Mary was proudest of her garden and her black raspberry pie and jelly that were made from ingredients in her garden.  She always had a piece of pie or something to eat and a cup of fresh coffee waiting for anyone that stopped by, and everyone knew to use the kitchen door cause that's where Grandma would be.  Her kindness and her sweets soothed many a soul at that kitchen table, which was a place of joy, laughter, hugs, and a few tears.  Grandma Mary made sure to teach her grandchildren to bake and how to grow a garden.  Jill remembers those lessons in her kitchen fondly, but mostly her kindness to everyone and the feeling of warmth and love that she shared with all who entered.

Jill found herself at a crossroads when she lost her job during the COVID pandemic in 2020.  She spent a lot of time thinking about what she wanted to do with her future and kept busy by planting a garden and baking her grandmother's famous cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls for friends.  After much thought, she decided that she wanted to do what she loved for a career.  After researching small business laws in Georgia, Jill discovered the cottage license, which allows bakers to cook at home and sell the results.  One happy customer after another kept asking, "When are you going to open a restaurant?"  After thinking it through and realizing the depth of love that she put into every item, Jill decided to make her passion her livelihood, and there was no better name for the restaurant than that of her beloved grandmother who inspired Jill from such a young age.

Jill's goal is to make every guest who walks through the doors of Mary Lucille's feel like she did when she sat at her grandmother's kitchen table.  You will enjoy a fabulous dinner, made from scratch with Grandma Mary's recipes, and a warm and welcoming environment where you know that you are family.  No matter what time you come in, there will always be a hot meal waiting for you, with love baked into every bite.

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